Excerpt from “Mariachi” by Juan Villoro

The truth is I’ve only been able to find a few young women with white hair. I saw one in Paris, in the VIP lounge at the airport, but I froze up like an idiot. Then there was Rosa, who

More International Mysteries to Read

If you are a regular reader of our blog, you are probably aware that we love international mysteries (or as I like to say with tongue in cheek, “mysteries in translation”). If you’ve read our previous introduction to Scandinavian literature

Issue 2 of “The Portable Museum” Is Now Available!

Our second collection of unexpected and extraordinary short fiction is now available! Readers loved the stories we brought together for Issue 1, so we made Issue 2 of The Portable Museum bigger and better. This time around we’ve assembled five

From Sketch to Book Cover: The Portable Museum, Issue 2

Hello friends. You may remember reading about the inspiration for the cover design of The Portable Museum, Issue 1 here a while ago. A major part of that design was a block print I made based on Fabio Morábito’s wonderful

The Homogenizing Force of Translation

- by Lucas Lyndes I’m late to the ball, but there was a series of articles a little while ago on translation and the homogenization of international literature that I wanted to comment on here.

Ox and Pigeon Gears Up for 2013

You may have noticed that things have been kind of quiet around the Ox and Pigeon blog this past month. There’s a good reason why: we’ve been busy working on several exciting projects for 2013.

From an Interview with Álvaro Bisama

The fantastic blog Nuevas Referencias now has an interview up with Álvaro Bisama, in both English and Spanish.  What other writers have influenced your work?
 I used to have a clearer idea about this. Now I’m more confused. I now think

Ox and Pigeon’s Year in Review 2012 (A Look Back at our First Five Months)

Looking back at this year, I realized that it was only August when our first eBook, Issue 1 of The Portable Museum, was released on Amazon. That’s just five months, and throughout that time we have been working on promoting

Four Novels About American Expats

In our continual efforts to cajole our friends to write about books they’ve enjoyed, we occasionally meet with success, as is the case today. Our friend Shannon came through with a list of books focused on American expatriates. You can

Did You Ever Meet Mariana Callejas?

On November 3, 1970, at the height of the Cold War, Salvador Allende was sworn in as president of Chile, the first Marxist politician elected to that position by popular vote in Latin America. On September 11, 1973, he was