Ox and Pigeon Gears Up for 2013

You may have noticed that things have been kind of quiet around the Ox and Pigeon blog this past month. There’s a good reason why: we’ve been busy working on several exciting projects for 2013.

We’re finishing up and polishing the second issue of our journal, The Portable Museum, due out in early March. This issue will be a bit bigger than Issue 1, with stories by Mario Levrero, Juan Villoro, and more. We’ll be posting the full table of contents soon, and can’t wait for you to read Issue 2! We’re also well into the planning stages for Issue 3 of The Portable Museum. Look for that late this year.

Read cult Uruguayan author Mario Levrero and more in Issue 2!

In addition to the two editions of the journal, we are pleased to announce that 2013 will see Ox and Pigeon’s first novels! We’ll be announcing authors and titles soon, but for now, we’ll just say that we are so excited to be working with great translators and authors to bring some incredible books to English language readers for the first time.

Our translator and coeditor, Lucas, has also been invited to attend the 11th Annual TyPA Editors’ Week as part of the Buenos Aires International Book Fair this April. This is a real honor for us, and a fantastic opportunity to meet other publishers and editors from Latin America and the rest of the world, all part of our mission to track down the very best in international writing and do our part to make it available in English. Lucas will be reporting back from Buenos Aires about the convention while he’s there.

It’s hard to believe it’s been only six months since we launched our first e-book! We’re incredibly excited about our plans for this year, and hope you’ll keep checking in for more details as we announce them.