The Pigeon’s Picks

Hey all! We’re back with more Pigeon’s Picks, the good stuff that surprised/inspired/distracted us this week. Share your recommendations with us on Facebook or Twitter!

Lucas: The Shield, Season 3. I don’t hear this series mentioned a lot, probably because its initial run was 2002-2008, at the same time as that other cop drama. I’ve been catching late-night reruns for a little while now, and The Shield’s got me hooked. The great acting, tight writing, and seriously shaky camerawork add up to an entertaining drama that proves there are still plenty of themes that better-known shows have left unexplored.

Jason: Pole 1 2 3. I rediscovered this trilogy of 90s German abstract dub albums recently and can’t stop listening to them. To be honest, I have no idea how to classify this music and I lifted that description from this review, which does as good a job describing it as anything else I’ve seen. It’s all created from the hisses and pops you might associate with malfunctioning stereo equipment, but it comes together so well. These records are perfect background music or lullabies. Definitely worth a listen for techno rookies (like me). Not what you’d expect.

Tim: 30-day Free Trial of Amazon Prime. Just in time for Christmas, saving me a fortune on shipping gifts back home to California. Every time you choose not to use the fast shipping option, you get a credit that you can put toward Kindle books, streaming movies, music, etc. And when your 30 days is almost up? Cancel and walk away, giving yourself the satisfaction of a bridge well burned. Best free trial ever.