The Pigeon’s Picks

We’re busy prepping some really great new Ox and Pigeon books for 2015 (it’s gonna be our best year yet!) but in the meantime we want to share the good stuff that keeps us motivated. Feel free to share back with your own picks on Facebook or Twitter!

Jason: Resuscitation of a Hanged Man by Denis Johnson. Life is chaotic right now and I have been reading this book in fifteen-minute increments for longer than I am prepared to admit. I’ve enjoyed the entire thing as a fan of protagonists that helplessly pile on bad decision after bad decision, but especially like this line: “What a miracle to see a produce truck, uncoupled, drive out from under the massive husk of its trailer. Let him treat his burdens like that!”

Lucas: New El-P! It’s time for me to sit up and pay attention again. Distorted and hostile rap is the soundtrack to Peruvian summer and the perfect companion to some seriously aggro editing sessions.

Tim: Tooth and Claw. Comics are my guilty pleasure, but I can’t get into the traditional superhero stuff. Tooth and Claw is a new fantasy adventure story with a zoo’s worth of anthropomorphic characters. It features fun writing by Kurt Busiek and really beautiful art by Benjamin Dewey (creator of the always awesome Tragedy Series) and colorist Jordie Bellaire. The second issue comes out December 3.

We’ll be back with more picks next week!