The Portable Museum, Issue 2

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An Electronic Collection of Literature in Translation

Published in Spring 2013, our second collection brings together five short stories originally published in Spanish by authors from Europe and Latin America: Mario Levrero, Javier Sáez de Ibarra, Dany Salvatierra, Hebe Uhart, and Juan Villoro.

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The second volume of The Portable Museum is another interesting collection…
- Paul Doyle, By the Firelight

About the authors

Mario Levrero (born Jorge Mario Varlotta Levrero, Uruguay, 1940-2004) was a photographer, bookseller, comic writer, humorist, and author of crosswords and brainteasers. He hated interviews and loved mystery novels and film. Although a cult author during his lifetime, it was not until after his death that he came to be regarded as a major Latin American literary figure.
Interview (Spanish): Técnicas de escritura/Arte poética, from the book Conversaciones con Mario Levrero by Pablo Silva Olazábal

Javier Sáez de Ibarra (Spain, 1961) is a high school literature professor. With his wife, Viviana Paletta, he has curated twenty anthologies in Spanish for the publisher Páginas de Espuma. His short story collection Mirar al agua (Watching the Water) won the First International Ribera del Duero Short Story Prize in 2009.
Article (English): Javier Sáez de Ibarra Wins the First International Prize for Short Stories
Interview (Spanish): Entrevista a Javier Sáez de Ibarra

Dany Salvatierra (Peru, 1980) lives between Lima, Madrid, and Boston with his partner. The first edition of his short story collection, Terapia de grupo (Group Therapy, 2010), sold out in only six months. In 2012, he published his first novel, El síndrome de Berlín (The Berlin Syndrome), which was voted Best Novel of the Year by the readers of the newspaper “El Comercio.” The first edition sold out in just eight months.
Video and interview (Spanish): “¿Por qué debemos escribir siempre de los mismos temas?”

Hebe Uhart (Argentina, 1936) has published sixteen works: eleven short story collections, three novellas, and two travel chronicles. Her 2011 collection of short stories Relatos reunidos (Collected Stories) won the Premio Fundación El Libro al Mejor Libro Argentino de Creación Literaria.
Interview (video in Spanish): Entrevista a Hebe Uhart
Story (English): “Guiding the Ivy” by Hebe Uhart, translated by Maureen Shaughnessy at Asymptote Journal

Juan Villoro (Mexico, 1956) is currently a professor of literature at the Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México (UNAM), and has been a visiting professor at Princeton, Yale, Boston University, and Universitat Pompeu Fabra. He has received awards for his work as a fiction writer, essayist, author of children’s books, and his translations from German and English.
Interview (English): A Conversation with Juan Villoro at World Literature Today
Story (English): “Holding Pattern” by Juan Villoro, translated by Lisa M. Dillman at Words Without Borders

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