The Portable Museum, Issue 3

An Electronic Collection of Literature in Translation

In The Portable Museum, readers will discover extraordinary short stories by some of the best authors from Spain and Latin America. Issue 3 is the first in a two-part series highlighting some of Buenos Aires’s greatest talents, many of them appearing in English for the first time.


Fernanda García Lao wryly dissects a lounge singer’s loneliness as she rides out a storm aboard a luxury cruise liner in “Shipwreck.” In “Like an Artificial Sun,” by J.P. Zooey, a Holocaust survivor prone to metaphysical musings offers a curious account of how she escaped from her technology-mad captors. Majo Moirón’s “The Zonda Wind” explores the oppressive quiet of provincial life as a young couple makes a new start in rural Argentina. In “Dream Biography of a Runner,” Federico Levín wrings heart-breaking humor from a pro athlete’s melancholy childhood in Jamaica. And Mariano Fiszman uses bold prose to tell of two travelers dealing with a small town’s menacing mistrust in “A Tourist Couple.”

Cover art by Paulo Novoa.