Where Else Can You Find Álvaro Bisama’s Work in English?

As one of the best Latin American authors under the age of 39, Álvaro Bisama has won accolades in his native Chile, and across the rest of the continent. His third novel Estrellas muertas (Dead Stars) won the 2011 Santiago Municipal Prize for Literature and the 2011 Premio Academia, given out by the Chilean Academy of Language for the best book of 2010. So, where can you find his work in English?

alvaro mac 1Well, the St. Petersburg Review says that there’s a few copies of Issue 4/5 still available where you can find Bisama’s short story “Black Box.”

For some of his critical work, check out “Bolaño and Science Fiction: Deformities,” translated by Sara Potter in Latin American Science Fiction: Theory and Practice, available for free on Google Books.

His most recent novel, Ruido (Noise), was published in 2013 and was recently featured as an animated video on Public Radio International’s “The World,” about what it was like growing up in Pinochet’s Chile.

Growing up in Chile during and after Pinochet is a theme in Bisama’s writing. We brought you “Nazi Girl,” a story set in post-Pinochet Chile, in Issue 1 of The Portable Museum.

We at Ox and Pigeon are now the first to bring you a full-length novel by Álvaro Bisama. Translated by award-winning translator Megan McDowell, Dead Stars is a story-within-a-story set against the backdrop of Chile’s transition to democracy after decades under the Pinochet dictatorship, filled with characters searching for a way to escape their past, present, and future. Buy it from Amazon, Kobo, or Barnes and Noble today and be one of the first to read this promising author.

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