Issue 3 of The Portable Museum is now available!

This collection of short stories is the first in a two-part series highlighting some of Buenos Aires’s greatest talents. Readers will discover Argentinian authors, many of whom are appearing in English here for the very first time: Fernanda García Lao, J.P. Zooey, Majo Moirón, Federico Levín, and Mariano Fiszman.

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The Pigeon’s Picks

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Farabeuf by Salvador Elizondo

Translated John Incledon

’60s Mexican cult masterpiece, Farabeuf is an enigmatic vision of the French surgeon L.H. Farabeuf’s curious existence, from his morbidly erotic obsessions to his life as an inventor of grisly surgical instruments, an amateur photographer, and possibly even a spy in occupied Beijing during the Boxer Rebellion. Buy it now.