Translated by Megan McDowell, with a foreword by Alejandro Zambra
Bisama’s award-winning novel is a story-within-a-story set against the backdrop of Chile’s transition to democracy after decades under the Pinochet dictatorship, filled with characters searching for a way to escape their past, present, and future: a small-town metalhead; left-wing revolutionaries without a new cause; a brotherhood of cough syrup addicts; punks, prostitutes, and thieves. Buy it now.

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Issue 2 of The Portable Museum

The Portable Museum, Issue 2

Our second release brings together five stories originally published in Spanish by authors from Europe and Latin America:

Mario Levrero (Uruguay)
Javier Sáez de Ibarra (Spain)
Dany Salvatierra (Peru)
Hebe Uhart (Argentina)
Juan Villoro (Mexico)

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