The Pigeon’s Picks

More Pigeon’s Picks coming at you. I’m sitting here trying to write a clever intro, but you know what? Nobody cares about the intro when there’s such a bounty of literary riches to share. Let’s get to the good stuff.

The Pigeon’s Picks

Hope everyone had a happy holiday season! We’re kicking off Q1 with a new Pigeon’s Picks, and soon we hope we can make some announcements about the new Ox and Pigeon books coming your way in 2015. If you have

The Portable Museum, Issue 2 on Sale for $2.99!

This holiday season, share The Portable Museum with your friends and family who love reading. Issue 2 collects five unique short stories that will take readers from the humorous to the avant garde, from the world of academia in provincial

The Pigeon’s Picks

Hey all! We’re back with more Pigeon’s Picks, the good stuff that surprised/inspired/distracted us this week. Share your recommendations with us on Facebook or Twitter! Lucas: The Shield, Season 3. I don’t hear this series mentioned a lot, probably because

The Pigeon’s Picks

Welcome back to The Pigeon’s Picks, where Ox and Pigeon’s editors share the good stuff we’ve been enjoying this week. We’d love to hear your own recommendations on Facebook or Twitter. (And if you haven’t already, be sure to check

Special Holiday Sale: Dead Stars by Álvaro Bisama

Traveling for the holidays? Snowed in by a nor’easter? Just want to relax with a good book while enjoying your time off work? No matter the reason, you need something great to read! To help make your choice easier, Ox

The Pigeon’s Picks

We’re busy prepping some really great new Ox and Pigeon books for 2015 (it’s gonna be our best year yet!) but in the meantime we want to share the good stuff that keeps us motivated. Feel free to share back

Two Reviews of Dead Stars

The reviews continue to come in for Dead Stars by Álvaro Bisama!

Where Else Can You Find Álvaro Bisama’s Work in English?

As one of the best Latin American authors under the age of 39, Álvaro Bisama has won accolades in his native Chile, and across the rest of the continent. His third novel Estrellas muertas (Dead Stars) won the 2011 Santiago

Review & Giveaway of Dead Stars at Booklover Book Reviews

Stop by the Booklover Book Reviews blog for a review of Dead Stars. Bisama’s writing (and that of translator Megan McDowell) exudes such intensity that at times a perceptive reader feels stunned, and must stop and reflect. Read the full